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Every rescue shoring operation calls for unique skills. Time for equally unique equipment. Holmatro OmniShore is the all-new range of shoring equipment from the engineers that brought you the Pentheon Series rescue tools. A revolutionary shoring system reimagined from the ground up, designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

OmniShore features cutting-edge, patented innovations, giving first responders an edge in quickly and safely responding to every shoring scenario imaginable.

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The most compact 
yet complete system ever.

OmniShore features a limited number of components to support you in making every shoring operation safe and successful. Whether it’s vehicle shoring, trench shoring, high directionals or structural shoring, OmniShore can do it all.


1. Vehicle shoring

OmniShore allows you to flawlessly execute vehicle extrication operations, whether you need controlled vehicle stabilization or lifting.


2. Trench shoring

OmniShore helps you create multiple safe zones in shallow or deep trenches by revolutionizing the way you can shore walls to prevent collapse and cave-ins.


3. High directionals

OmniShore gives you everything you need to build high directionals to take on even the most challenging rope rescue scenarios.


4. Structural shoring

OmniShore offers you the most innovative, fast and safe way to support a structure with rakers, spot shores and multiple other constructions in order to prevent a collapse.

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Overcome unlimited
with a minimum number
of components.


One single system for all shoring operations

OmniShore is the world’s first and only shoring solution that allows you to build any application with a system of only six different struts. No matter the situation, with OmniShore you have access to everything you need.

Strut Line up 960x960-2

Save weight and space
on your truck

Compact yet complete, the OmniShore system takes up less space on your truck and in storage. It has been designed to do more with less. In addition, each strut also functions as an extension pipe to extend struts easily and quickly.

Construct any length up to 17 feet or
5.2 meters with five different struts 

With the OmniShore M10, P20, P30, P40 and P60 struts you have access to the longest extension range on the market. The M10 is also the world’s shortest mechanical strut and has a double stroke for easy positioning in confined spaces.

Fixed length extension pipes
are not needed

We’ve eliminated the need for impractical extension pipes. Each strut also functions as one, saving you time as well as space. In addition, a pneumatic strut plus the patented pulling restrictor functions as a brace, so you don’t need separate braces.

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Construct lengths up to 17 ft or 5.2 m
without extension pipes.

Lenghts Struts horizontal
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Experience a quick and easy setup
in one intuitive workflow.

Trident coupler v3-1

Connect struts and accessories
quickly and easily 

Our patented Trident Coupler always fits with ease. You can only connect two struts max, so any connection you can make is 100% safe. Moreover, every single accessory fits the Trident Coupler as well as the plunger end of each strut.

Stronger, lighter
and exceptionally safe

We’ve developed OmniShore according to the criteria of testing used by FEMA’s US&R Structures Sub Group to evaluate similar type shoring. Our struts are the strongest on the market and the Trident Coupler is made from lightweight, aerospace grade aluminum.

Exact measurement
is not needed 

Two connected struts offer twice the plunger stroke, eliminating the need for precise measurement and allowing fast setup during demanding, time sensitive situations. Each strut has a stop block so there’s no risk of the plunger falling out.

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Discover the safest way to secure 
all shoring operations with OmniLock.


No one needs to be
near a moving load 

With our patented OmniLock system you can monitor and operate struts from a safe distance. You will spend less time in the danger zone to focus on what matters: making sure safety is secured. 

Automatically follow
and lock a load

Every OmniLock strut automatically follows a load in upward and downward motion, remaining mechanically locked at all times. So no one is needed to manually operate the lock nuts of the back-up struts.

Less people needed
to control a situation

OmniLock seamlessly works with our state-of-the-art Wireless Controller. This remotely operated device lets you control multiple OmniLock struts simultaneously and align them effortlessly. 

OmniLock and all
Pentheon rescue tools share the same interchangeable battery.


The Wireless Controller 
lets you operate OmniLock struts quickly and safely.

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Discover all OmniShore rescue shoring sets.

All sets are also available with OmniLock struts.

Basic Vehicle
& Structural Shoring

Set 01-1

Advanced Vehicle
& Structural Shoring

Set 02-1

Basic Trench

Set 03-1

Advanced Trench

Set 04-1
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Shore it all with OmniShore.

One system.
Four sets.
Infinite applications.

  • 01. Confined Space Spot Shore with Swivel Bases
    Confined Space
    Spot Shore with
    Swivel Bases
  • 02. Large Spot Shore with Beam Support
    Large Spot
    Shore with
    Beam Support
  • 03. Strut Braced Double Spot Shore
    Strut Braced
    Spot Shore
  • 04. Three Strut Column
    Three Strut 
  • 05. Structural Lifting
  • 06. Truck lifting
  • 07. Strut Braced Raker 2.6 m
    Strut Braced
    2.6 m
  • 08. Strut Braced Raker 4.9 m
    Strut Braced
    4.9 m
  • 09. Vehicle Stabilization with Multi Head & Chain
    Vehicle Stabilization
    with Multi Head
    & Chain
  • 10. Vehicle Stabilization with Multi Head-1
    Stabilization with
    Multi Head
  • 11. Strut Braced Square Post Shore-1
    Strut Braced
    Square Post
  • 12. Wood Braced Square Post Shore
    Wood Braced
    Square Post
  • 13. Sloped Floor Shore
    Sloped Floor
  • 14. Strut Braced Flying Raker 4.9 m
    Strut Braced
    Flying Raker
    4.9 m
  • 15. Monopod
  • 16. Bipod
  • 17. Strut Braced Flying Raker 2.6 m
    Strut Braced
    Flying Raker
    2.6 m
  • 18. Tripod-1
  • 19. Straight Wall Trench
    Straight Wall
  • 20. T-Trench
  • 21. Wood Braced Flying Raker 4.9 m
    Wood Braced
    Flying Raker
    4.9 m
  • 22. Wood Braced Raker 4.9 m
    Wood Braced
    4.9 m
  • 23. Trench
  • 24. L-Trench
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